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Collection The Artist – Painting #2

I’ve always wanted to say that,  “Collection The Artist” that is.

Hi Everyone!  Well I have been getting all of my equipment together this week for my upcoming oil painting class and with all that fresh paint, canvases and brushes I just couldn’t wait to play!!!!

I’m sorry that I am showing you painting #2 instead of #1.  My battery on my camera died (or maybe #1 was just so bad it got shut-eye) and only let me take one photo before it shut down (laugh! haar!).  So here is painting #2.  It is from a photograph I took of a swan that was swimming around a winery when we were in Oregon a few years back.  I’m sure you’ll be able to tell it’s a swan, not so much the winery part…As I look at the photo I can see all kinds of problems going on with this.  That’s why I need a class!  I could go on with a self critique but I’ll try not to bore you.

Til the battery gets charged!


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