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Paintings #5 and #6

Hi All!

I have been working on a couple of paintings these last few weeks.  There are 6 more classes left and my hope is to do at least that many before it ends!  So here is painting #5.

DSCF1312 I took a bunch of photos at our St. Patrick’s Day Parade last month and I was intrigued by this trio that came out and set up their chairs at the curb to wait for the parade.  I was across the street and was able to watch the whole scene unfold.  To me, this looked like Grandma and Grandpa and their grandson.  They all came out of the house that was on this corner, along with other family members not in the picture, and really had a great time that day.

The weather was in the 80’s!!!!  So unusual for this time of year, actually think it was a record high for the day.  So you’ll see something obvious in that the trees do not have any leaves but the boy is in short sleeves and shorts!

This painting was a challenge for me to mix colors.  I did that on purpose so I could really learn something.

“Waiting On The Parade”
Oil on Canvas Board
12” x 16”

When I was in class my instructor thought I should do a portrait.  He thought some of my brushstrokes might translate nicely into portraiture.  Of course, immediately I think of some of my attempts at painting people and I’m just not so sure.  Who would I paint as to which I would not offend?!

It dawned on me early last week that I would need to paint myself.  I’m not sure if I’m finished yet with this one (no signature yet) because I’m not so sure about the really brownness of my skin!  I guess the one nice thing about painting yourself is you can make yourself look any way you want!  I’m not sure this is it but it’s getting there.  Most likely will try to add more pink in the coming days but I’ll see what the class thinks tomorrow.

Painting #6, “Self Portrait”
Oil on Canvas Board
12” x 16”DSCF1311

Talk soon!


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