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I Didn’t Win, Painting #9

Hi Friends!,

It’s been a few weeks and I have to inform you that I did not win the painting competition I entered.  I’m learning quickly that painter’s have a few buzzwords to describe their techniques.  For instance, we’ll just call my work “stylistic”!

It was pretty hilarious actually.  Here I was in this painting competition with all these professional painters!!!  I should have just put some stick figures on the canvas, I didn’t of course, actually I really tried.  Painting from life is REALLY, REALLY HARD!!!!

Plus I had not really too much experience with the elements and my equipment was not the best suited.  I ended up sitting down at a picnic table at a little heritage farm we have here in the suburbs and painted what was in front of me.

This is my 9th painting and it is “Pigs at the Picnic”…

This is my first Plein Air Painting competition and my 9th oil painting, don’t laugh people!

16″ x 20″
Oil on Canvas

Oh!  And it will be on view for your personal pleasure at the gallery in the Prairie Arts Center in case you want to see my work up against the winners.

On a side note, the organizers asked us to put a price on our work if we wanted to sell it, so I did.  Just think.  You can have your own original oil painting from the early years of my career for only $500!  It’s a bargain!!


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