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Catching Up! ~What gets done with convelescing dogs…

(Updated…Wordpress deleted half of this post!  So I’m re-posting!)

Hi Everyone!

It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted so I thought I’d take a moment just to get caught up.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Holly was diagnosed with a couple of tumors.  Over many conversations I chose to have the Vet remove both of her tumors.  I had to wait until she was out of her heat cycle and ended up having both dogs in surgery on the same day!  Holly for her mass removal and spay and Jamba for his neuter and hernia repair.DSCF3628

It was a long day and a long couple of weeks but both dogs came through their surgeries, Jamba has recovered but poor Miss Holly has not.  She is still on the mend and it is going to take a lot of time before her wounds heal completely and probably even longer before she won’t be in so much pain.

She was pretty much sliced open from end to end and the tumor on her leg made it very difficult to bring the skin back together.  DSCF3630

She’s been a trooper though, a real fighter.  She had her bandage changed and then finally removed last week.  I took this picture today of her elbow…DSCF3651

It still has scabs and she has been limping.  Yesterday I accidentally stepped on her and I think I hurt her leg!  Gosh I felt so bad.  It just hurts looking at her.

But the good news is she does follow me around the house…with Jamba right behind and is doing her best to put the whole thing behind her.  DSCF3660

During this whole time I have kept myself occupied by pulling out several quilt projects that have been in the project bucket for YEARS!DSCF3656

This was one of them, a lap sized Snowball Quilt from as early as 1999!  See that yellow paper?  It had this on the back…DSCF3657

My Sand Sale flyer from 1999!  So I must have tried starting this around that time, maybe 2000.  I remember I went with Mom to a quilt shop in San Diego where I picked up this book and these fabrics.  I remember thinking I needed a ‘beginner’ pattern to get me going on quilting!

I cut out all the pieces but never actually put it together.  Now why was that?  It practically put itself together this past week…DSCF3655

In the same bin I also had this same pattern cut out for a KING size as well…DSCF3647

Another topper done, ready to be quilted!  This is getting good right?

And not to be outdone I pulled out my basket of 2″ scrap squaresDSCF3646and used those pieces as leader/enders…

Putting together twosies, foursies…all the way up to 16 patch blocks!DSCF3642 DSCF3641

And before I knew it I had the starts of a 16 patch hour glass lap size quilt going on!DSCF3653So even though I’ve been busy with these two dogs I’ve been able to just sit and sew, keeping the dogs quite while I watch over them.

This past Tuesday Jim and I went out to eat, I wanted one of those burritos from El Famous but when we got there they were having TACO TUESDAY!  I had no idea!   Whoo Hoo!  Where can you go out to eat, two people, under $10??  Where???  DSCF3639Completely NUTS!!!  But it was sooooooo good.  I didn’t even take a picture it was so good.

So that’s that.  Happy Holidays everyone.  I’ll keep sewing here and watching over these dogs and hopefully soon I’ll be back to posting more…

Till then…

Happy Sewing


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  1. Oh I do hope both of your dogs continue with their good recovery and are able to see the new year in with a smile! ‘Hope your stress levels even out and you have a great christmas with your family, friends and beautiful dogs!


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