Stringing Into a Flimsy!

Hi Friends!

I have been stringing pieces together all week and have barely even put a dent into my string bin!  BUT I did finish a little top ready to be quilted!  DSCF3760

This top measures about 45″ x 45″, just about right for a lap quilt.  I had all this GREEN fabric in the bottom of my string basket (notice not all of the green is alike) and since I made a new year resolution to EMPTY my string basket, well, better get rid of this green!  The green is now GONE and when I combined it with 36 string blocks this is what came out!

I have quite a lot of scrap leftover and am contemplating a string piano key border, if I can make it work, will go around this and then I’ll put it into my “To be quilted” pile!

Getting back to those string blocks, I did use those first 10 I made from my previous post, the others came from shorter pieces…DSCF3727

The challenge for me was to make these string blocks without having to use a paper backing (hate the paper backing, well, not so much the paper but removing the paper!).  So I was hard at work figuring out how to make it work for me.

With the shorter pieces I matched up similar lengths and sewed them together until I hit a width that was half the 6″ square…DSCF3732

Then with my Companion Angle ruler I figured out for a 6″ square I need to cut out a triangle large enough so as to hit the 4 – 1/2″ mark on the ruler…DSCF3735

You can’t tell too much in that photo above but what that is is my Companion Angle ruler on top of a square ruler.  Where the 6 (underneath) hits that 8″ is the 4-1/2″ marker on the ruler…DSCF3737

Then I just cut out triangles from the strip…DSCF3738DSCF3740

And when I had a stack of triangles I started sewing pairs of triangles together to make a square!DSCF3742

Then just trimmed them to size and before I knew it this topper was done!DSCF3763

On another note, I also finished the 16 patch hourglass topper I was playing with…DSCF3759

It’s a little smaller than the string, about 40″ x 40″.  I like how this design came out, once again, all those squares are from scrap, so it is pretty much another something out of nothing quilt.  I want to make it a little bigger, most likely from a border design so it is the size of a lap quilt.  Any suggestions for a border?

Happy Sewing Everyone!


4 thoughts on “Stringing Into a Flimsy!”

  1. so beautiful! love the effect of the green as well! oh and i see lots of interesting fabrics in there too! so cute!


  2. It’s almost a 3D effect… like I am looking through a paned window at water flowing by (except it’s not blue). Through you, I am beginning to see why quilting is so addictive. It is amazing the endless possibilities for a creative spirit!


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