Weight Loss Journey Quilt

Weight Loss Journey Quilt Project – Block #8 – “The Next 5 Pounds”

Hi Everyone!

We received some snow yesterday, just a few inches, and I think the plows were ready for it because when it was time to go to work the streets were clear!!  If there is one positive thing to say about living in Chicago (suburbs) this has to be it.  We have one of the BEST plow and street clearing systems on the planet!

Without further ado I’ve completed the next installment of my Weight Loss Journey Quilt.  This is block number 8 and I’ve called it “The Next 5 Pounds!”.DSCF3978

It’s official, I’ve lost 12 pounds so far, confirmed this morning at my regular meeting.  So!, it was time to think of another block to commemorate another 5 pound milestone.

I saw this block called ‘Combination Star’ (see link here) but when I was sewing it together I didn’t like the square in the middle…so I added in another Diamond In A Square block (with reversed coloring).  My goal here was to have a block that would represent 5 pounds…or 5 little markers to help me count my progress!  The little Diamonds In The Square blocks in the center and on each corner help me do just that!

If this looks amazingly similar to “January Thaw” you are right!  It dawned on me when I was drafting the pattern that the pieces were identical!  I guess I’m drawn to similar patterns! LOL!!!

Block Name: The Next 5 Pounds, Variation of a block called ‘Combination Star’
Finished Size: 6″
Difficulty Rating: Medium
Number of Pieces:
Method of Construction: Traditional Piecing, Rotary cutting, Template cutting
Weight Loss Progress: -12
Pattern is Here!

Happy Sewing!