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What Others Have Done To The Space…

Here is a collection of photos I’ve saved off of Zillow.com of houses that have sold in the last year or so that are the same model as ours.  I didn’t even think about using them for this project until now!!  Don’t you think it’s interesting to see what other people have done to the exact same space?

Here, let’s looks.  Here is the dining room…
Okay, this one is empty but you can see they had a ceiling fan and the parquet floor looks redone…

919 e schirra dining room-001

Here is another view of the dining room, another house and they have arranged the furniture a little differently (it is a tight space).28 s winston dining room-002

And the last dining room…In this one they took out the wall between the kitchen and the dining room and made an island cooktop.  They have tables and chairs in odd places.  There is also a sliding door that was added…56 s patricia dining room-002

Here is the living room taken from the front of the room looking back towards the dining room.  Something tells me ORIGINAL OWNERS about this photo…

28 s winston living room 2-001

Another angle, from the Foyer looking into the living room.  The irony about this house is this room is actually very LARGE but it is long and narrow, completely challenging to decorate!  I think this family did a great job in their layout, even though this isn’t exactly my style.  It sure does make the room look big!

28 s winston living room-002

And then there’s this family that decided to put a HUGE sectional in the space.  It completely divides the space in half and they put their china cabinet all the way back there in the corner…  like I said, it’s a tough room to navigate!

105 s. arlene living room wood floors-002

I love this new floor that they put in and the color on the walls is a nice neutral!  So wasn’t that fun to go look at some other houses?  Sometimes we can find inspiration in what others have done!  Either inspiration of what NOT to do or a different idea that we might want to explore!



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