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Help Us Pick A New Wood Floor!

Hi Everyone!

I am going to need some help picking out our new wood floor!  There are SO MANY choices out there that I find it very overwhelming!  Just HOW is someone supposed to go about choosing the RIGHT wood floor?


We have narrowed our focus down to solid wood floors at least.  Whew!  And all natural wood, so nothing engineered (although there’s a lot of those engineered floors that look amazing) and we’d like to have a wider plank if we can find the right one.  We’d also like to use a pre-finished floor if we can find the right shade!

So here are the closer shots of the floor samples in the running.  Please help us decide by voting for your favorite (or favorites) in a comment below!

Pic. 1 From RIGHT to LEFT:

  1. Oak, 2-1/4″, Color: Marsh, Mfg: Bruce Hardwood Floors
  2. Oak, 2-1/4″, Color: Cocoa, Mfg: Timber Ridge
  3. Maple, 2-1/4″, Color: Gunstock, Mfg: Bruce
  4. Maple, 5″, Color: Spice Handscraped, Mfg: Millstead
  5. Hickory, 4″, Color: Saddle Hand Sculpted, Mfg: Great Lakes Wood Floors



  1. Hickory, same as #5 above
  2. Oak, 5″, Color: Gunstock, Mfg: Bruce
  3. Oak, 3-1/4″, Color: Gunstock, Mfg: Millstead
  4. Oak, 3-1/4″, Color: Gunstock, Mfg: Tarkett (looks nearly identical to pic. 2 #3)
  5. Oak, 3-1/4,  this was the first sample I picked up and I did not write down the color or mfg…just that it was an in-stock item at Menards.  Let’s just call it the Menards Oak Floor.


Pic. 3

  1. The Menards Oak Floor again
  2. Red Oak, 5″, Natural, from Lumber Liquidators
  3. Oak, 3-1/4″, Color: Bordeaux, Mfg: Millstead
  4. Maple, 3-1/4″, Color Vintage Latte, Mfg: Millstead
  5. Maple, 5″, Color: Cinnamon, Mfg: Bruce


The floor underneath all of these samples is Oak and is about 50 years old…so fairly weathered and aged.  I’m not looking to replicate this floor by any means but I’m not wanting to go too orange or too red…

Any thoughts???  My Dear Readers???

5 thoughts on “Help Us Pick A New Wood Floor!”

  1. Too many choices! I like ’em all!
    First of all… do you want your floor to be dark? or light? You mentioned walnut. Walnut is dark. Oak is light. I wouldn’t worry too much about high heels making indentations. How many people come over dressed like that?
    Think about how your dining room table will look with the floor wood. I don’t know what kind of wood it is made of, but it is very classy and expensive looking and goes well with the china hutch.
    I think I would look for something with that beautiful honey glow (?) It doesn’t have to be oak, other woods will look good too.
    Anyway, that is my input. Love, MOM


  2. It’s really tough to pick when they are displayed as individual pieces. I’d photoshop/GIMP an entire floor to see how it looks in one wood.


  3. We just did our family room in the Timber Ridge cocoa oak from Menards. In the store we were fond of the dark floors, but worried about scratches and cleaning. I loved the honey color of the buttersctch oak, but felt it was the wrong tone for this room. We have dark brown furnishing. I may mention I am not typically an oak fan. But, our floors look beautiful and I couldn’t be happier! The warranty is only 15 years, but the floor is solid and if ever needed, can be refinished. We now have to pick for the front two rooms and this flooring will be considered. Downside to thinner planks, was installation. My husband did get a sore back. Good luck. I agree with your mom, narrow down your choices!


  4. Do you know the color of the hickory floor you were looking at? It’s a very nice color. What did you pick?
    Thank you


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