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Full Moon Frosty!

I looked on the calendar and it said there should be a full moon out.  No wonder Chloe our cat wanted to be outside all night last night.  The full moon could still be seen at sunrise this morning.  That golden sphere below is the moon, not the sun…DSCF4176

I took the other 2 four legged critters on their ‘daily’ commune with nature…DSCF4172

Only to discover that Spring is still a ways away.  There is still ice on the lake…DSCF4179

of which the geese would like to see be gone…(they voice their opinions quite boisterously I might add)…DSCF4177

Honk, Honk, Honk!!!

The Red Wing Blackbird can be heard in the grass with his familiar trill, though I don’t see him and I can also hear the Cardinals call out to each other, no doubt, mating season has arrived.  The park is also flooded with Robin’s but the ground is too frozen to pull up worms and the last of the Junco’s are leaving.

I know Easter is this Sunday but it sure doesn’t feel like it!


1 thought on “Full Moon Frosty!”

  1. Cathy, your pictures are “phenomenal”, I would say professional quality!
    They also tell a good story. It almost makes me feel sorry for those Canada Geese. Wish you were here… we are cool, but not cold.
    Love, MOM


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