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The Trouble With A 10 Month Old Dog Is…

I’m not even going to say anything…DSCF4226-001

Okay…maybe just a few words.

This is from last Friday,  we left Jamba and Holly alone while we went out to eat, something we’ve done several times before without nearly an issue.  I didn’t put them behind gates or in kennels because I figured they’d just go sleep in their beds…

Not so.  It’s official…Service dog in training has hit the ‘I’M BORED’ phase of development…and overnight discovered the fun of things made of paper!

Going back to the books on this one.  I have a theory about why he did what he did…something to do with a neurotic 10 pound cockapoo but I think we’ll just go back to making sure the dogs are crated or behind gates next time…





2 thoughts on “The Trouble With A 10 Month Old Dog Is…”

  1. Been there! I feel your pain. We started giving our dog stuffed animals. She whips it around like she’s just killed it and then she shreds it and pulls every last bit of stuffing out of it. I’m not kidding about the stuffing. We’ve watched her and she digs with her nose until there is nothing left inside and it’s all over the living room. I would much rather have her shred cheap garage sale stuffed animals than my pillows or magazines. She’s 2 and a half years old and still does this. Can’t hurt to try it! Maybe they’ll leave the magazines alone then. Good Luck 🙂
    P.S. Crating wasn’t an option with my dog as she destroyed a few of them escaping. She also opens doors.


  2. What “gifts” they left you… We crate our dog to prevent accidents of the potty kind as well as damage to furniture and herself while we are gone. She gets treats in her crate and we hide them under the sheets/towel/bed to create a sense of fun. We also rotate her toys so when she goes in she “discovers” a new old toy that she hasn’t played with in days and she entertains herself. A treat ball is also left in there to provide further brain stimulation.


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