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More Signs of Spring…More Birds!

Alfred Hitchcock would be proud of me.  All these birds and all, though I don’t think any of them will be causing panic, death and destruction like in that movie of his.

So yesterday I’m at the kitchen sink and a bird flies in I’ve never seen before.  I grab my camera but the photos are shaky…DSCF8336 DSCF8335 DSCF8334

What is THAT??? It took me about half an hour on the internet trying to figure it out!  Turns out to be a Red Breasted Grossbeak!

Rose-breasted grosbeak
Rose-breasted grosbeak (Photo credit: stephee)

That was cool.  This whole bird watching thing might turn out to be something I can get into!  It’s kind of fun having something you’ve never seen before fly in.

We have several Cardinal pairs in the area and here is finally a picture of one of the females.  Ain’t she purty?

DSCF8327 DSCF8326

And a woodpecker sighting!  This is the Downy Woodpecker, it is much smaller than the Red Bellied Woodpecker I saw a few days ago so I’m still on the hunt for that one.  There are several of these Downy Woodpeckers around…they are cute.DSCF8315 DSCF8313

…another House Finch…waiting his turn at the feeder…DSCF8281


…a straggler Junco…not yet on his way to Canada…


…and I’m not quite sure what this one is.  A mystery bird!   But we have seen a couple of them around…DSCF8249

Wasn’t that fun?  There’s still more that haven’t shown up at the feeders yet so I’m keeping my out for the Gold Finch and the Blue Jay.  I did see a Gold Finch in the park so I know it is only a matter of time.  Hmmm, I wonder what else is out there!

Inspiration everywhere, even in the backyard!

Happy Spring!


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  1. I love watching birds too and finding out their names. I have a book with pictures and names, but it’s still hard to identify them sometimes. It’s an exciting and relaxing past time all rolled into one.


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