Weight Loss Journey Quilt

Weight Loss Journey Quilt – Checking In For June

Hi Everyone!

I know you all are just Dying to know how my weight loss is progressing aren’t you?

Well, don’t get too excited because I’ve been in the longest running plateau ever known to man.  Seriously.  Every time I start a new week and think I’m doing good I get to the scale at the end of the week and nothing!  Or worse, a gain!  Or I get a loss one week and then a gain the next.  It has been going on like this for about 6 weeks.

In the mean time, since I purchased EQ7 a month or so ago, I have been re-drafting my blocks in this new program!  It is soooooo much easier than what I was doing before.  I even played around with the layout of what I’d had in my mind’s eye…WLJQJune13

Look!  You can see all of the blocks I’ve made so far…and some blocks I have in the works…just getting caught up.  My thought was to have a 6″ block for every week on the plan and a yellow friendship star for every pound lost…but I know the two won’t exactly match up now seeing that it’s been taking me FOREVER to lose just one pound.

This week on this journey I am actually using the WW points plus plan but plugging everything into a program I just found out about called Sparkpeople.com!  Have you all see and/or used Sparkpeople?  So far, after 3 days using the program I’m really liking it.  Anyway, my point is, I’m going to compare the points I’m eating with the calories, fat, fiber, carbs, and protein that are counted using the sparkpeople program.  In WW there is a saying that when you aren’t losing you have to go on a mission to figure out what is wrong.  Well, I’m on a mission…

Be back soon with more!


p.s. Happy Birthday Mom!!!

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