Off the beaten trail, Scenes From the Dashboard Series

More Street Scenes From Our Downtown Trip

Mostly my camera was losing power throughout the day (my own fault for not charging the battery!) so I had to be a little selective in what ‘snapshots’ I decided to take.

So many subjects…so little juice!!!

First of all, I MUST show you our parking space for the day.  Seriously, since when did parking spaces have better views than restaurant tables and hotel rooms?DSCF5172

Looking towards Lake Michigan (top photo) and down (I think) State Street below…seriously!DSCF5171

We boarded the Wendella for our Architectural Tour.  Phyllis was our tour guide!  You can see Phyllis just to the left of the Stearing Cabin (she’s wearing black pants and a multi colored top)DSCF5162

Walking back to the car…DSCF5160

A typical scene along Michigan Avenue…or in heavily populated touristy locations in the city.  We have many homeless.  For those of you new to my blog I do post about the homeless and whenever I see a scene that says something to me I’ll grab the camera…DSCF5155

What struck me about the above scene was not so much the passersby ignoring him but his emblem on his sleeve.  Phi Kappa Alpha, a fraternity one of my siblings is a member, to which I’m wondering in this photo if this man might be wearing a donated shirt.  I have no idea.  The other interesting thing about this scene is what you can’t see, and it was this…DSCF5153

A couple on their wedding day posing for pictures along Michigan Avenue.  So in one direction I see the desperation of homelessness and some of the hardest days of this man’s life juxtaposed against what I look at when I turn my head in the other direction, the happiest day for these two lives.  Horrible Days, Happiest Days, right there on the sidewalk.

See, I get way too deep…but that is what attracts me to this people watching thing!  Anyhoo…

Hope you are having a great day!