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It’s Foraging Season! Mulberries, Raspberries and Catnip!

Every year is different.  Depending on what the landscape attendants decide to mow down and what mother nature decides to put in and let grow I just never know what to find in the thickets near my house.DSCF5324

Sure.  Mosquitos are ALWAYS there but over the last several years I’ve been able to find a patch or two of CATNIP growing wild…DSCF5331

I know to look for it first thing in the spring when the leaves are young and all the other surrounding thistles and wild weeds haven’t grown so much but today I was curious to see if I could find some.  And there it was between the milkweed and thistle…DSCF5334

Chloe our cat always appreciates a fresh catnip leaf.  I like to dry it upside down and crumble it into a bag for her, taking some out in the middle of winter for a special treat.

The dogs spotted the MULLBERRIES in the grass and started pulling on their leashes.  There are several mulberry trees along the creek, two big ones with branches leaning over, weighed down from their fruits, hit me in the face while the dogs sniffed for goodies on the ground…DSCF5325

The trees were loaded and the berries were just falling off…while picking a few off the trees for extra treats for the dogs (they’ll do just about any command for these little gems) I looked down and spotted a cane of BLACK RASPBERRIES…DSCF5328

“Wow!  Look at that!”  I’d not seen the black raspberry here so that was pretty cool.  Of course I was getting bit by mosquitos so I went home, dropped off the dogs, put on long pants and a jacket and went back for some goodies…DSCF5342DSCF5340DSCF5341DSCF5343

Of course now I have to deal with about a hundred bites and some stained fingers…

Mmmm…how ’bout some mulberry muffins?!?  Yum!


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    1. I know!!! I think the way to go is to put them in a container in the freezer and when you get enough to make something them pull them out and use them. They are good just plain or in yogurt!


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