CCI Puppy Raising, Jamba II, Off the beaten trail

Jamba, Here!

Jamba LOVES the water.

Ever since we took him to Michigan and played in the lake he has been itching to get back there for more water fun!


So during a recent camping trip we decided to take him to see the Ultimate in lakes…Lake Michigan!  (yes, I know…he’s seen it from the Chicago side but it’s not like this…)

We trekked through the woods, sandy ground beneath our feet.  Up, up, up and over the dunes!  You can hear the waves crashing but you can’t yet see them…DSCF5452

There!  I can see the lake!  Good Boy Jamba!  Let’s go down there!DSCF5450



Down, down, down to the water!DSCF5465


The lakeshore on this side is truly magnificent.  Not that the lake isn’t beautiful in other places, it is, some even more so…but this is always the place we seem to come to that reminds me how precious this resource is and how wonderful it was for it to be protected for the public to enjoy.

Unfortunately, there aren’t very many places to take your dog to the beach in Michigan.  We couldn’t let Jamba play here, it was all business.  But up the road a wee bit was a little patch of sand, with a little beach that allowed dogs…as long as they were on leash!

Jamba, let’s go!

We spent a few days in Michigan, in and around South Haven…

2 thoughts on “Jamba, Here!”

  1. My dog was also obsessed with the water. She could practically smell it out, even if she was sleeping in the car with the windows rolled up! And, Lake Michigan is beautiful. I’m not from the U.S, but I actually used to live in Petoskey and Harbor Springs (ever been?) and would drive up and down the lakeside coast there. It was so breathtaking, and, of course, the dog also thought so. 🙂


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