A Sunshine Award!

Julie over at Crazywonderfullife nominated me for a Sunshine Award!  Thanks Julie!  I’ve not done the Sunshine award yet so this should be fun…

Julie has given me a list of 10 questions that I MUST answer, that’s part of the red carpet interview so here goes…

1. Are you a procrastinator?

Yes.  Umm, anyone that follows my blog will know that I have A LOT of unfinished projects on the back burner.  I don’t know if it is so much procrastination, unless it has to do with anything medical, as just too many things going on at the same time?

2. What do you procrastinate about the most and why do you think that is?

Medical.  I hate going to the doctor.  Jamba ate my eyeglasses about 8 months ago and I’ve yet to get them replaced.  I know, I’m pathetic… and a little bit sight deprived right now…

3. What is your favorite beverage?

Probably sparkling water at the moment.  I do like beer, craft beer, a lot too.

4. What is your favorite holiday or season?

Labor Day.  It is the one holiday I don’t have to do anything and can just enjoy it.  Isn’t that terrible?  I really like Christmas but in the last decade or so I get way too stressed!

5. Do you come from a large family or a small family?  How many?

I dunno, mid-size I guess.  I have three siblings.

6. Are you superstitious about any numbers?

No.  I was born on Friday the 13th so I pretty much have a gimme…

7. Pepsi or Coke?

Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi if my only alternative is Diet Coke, or Coke Zero if Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi is not available.  Can you say complicated?  I’ll take sparkling water instead…see question 3.

8. Would you ever choose to live without television?

Probably not.  Although I am currently trying to figure out how to cut the cable cord!

9. Who is your favorite musical group/singer?

This is a tough one because I really like many.  For the last several years I have really liked The Killers, only because I can’t get the album ‘Sam’s Town’ out of my head.  For the most part of the ’80’s and ’90’s I loved U2 and would watch Rattle and Hum over and over and over and over….now when I sit down to sew I turn on the play list for Midnight Oil…something about the song “Blue Sky Mine” rings true in today’s world with so many people looking for work and dependent upon the government….”…if I work all day on the blue sky mine…there’ll be food on the table tonight…” la la la!  (I’m so gloomy!)

Okay…it’s sad.  Really, I just turn WXRT on here in Chicago and listen to whatever gets played and I’m happy!

10. Who is your hero?

Okay, this is getting me to think really deeply!  Uggh, I don’t even know if I have one!  Can I just say Jesus and call it?  I mean, can you really top that one?

Mother Teresa would be a close second.

If you mean Action Hero then I’m all in for Superman.


Now it is my turn to pass along this Sunshine Award and come up with 10 questions.  Here are my 10 questions…

1. In the Geico ‘Guess What Day It Is?’ commercial what character represents you most: Mike, Julie, the girl that answers the question, the two strummers at the end or the camel?

2. If your phone rings and you see a number that you don’t recognize do you pick it up?  Why or why not?

3. Have you ever been sucked in by an infomercial on television and bought the product?  If so, what did you buy?

4. Saturday or Sunday? Why?

5. Cat or Dog?

6. Hamburger or Hot Dog?

7. What was the hardest project you’ve ever completed?

8. If you could do anything and make it happen what would it be?

9. Would you rather win an Olympic gold medal in Ice Skating or be a member of the winning team to win a Super Bowl Championship?  (Individual vs Team)

10. Describe the Best Day of Your Life…

I’m going to do this a little differently as far as linking up with my favorite blogs  (you all get to see that in my right hand collumn).  Instead, the first 10 responses and a link to your blog in the comment section below will be added to this post and comments closed after that!  Hence, I know if you are reading this YOU ARE MY FAVORITES!!! And so I’m just spreading the love around…

Talk soon y’all!



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