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One Block Wonder Quilt – Ready for the borders!

Hey All!

This One Block Wonder quilt is finally ready for border treatment!  My last post was in August after the 2nd class…

Here’s the triangles all sewn together…


I sewed all these panels together this past week in half hour increments before and after work.  Mostly before, mostly in the dark waiting for the sun to come up so I could take the dogs for their walk (hate walking in the dark!).

The most time consuming part is the pressing.  The seams need to be pressed open…this is a fun photo of the quilt top with the light coming through…DSCF6292

You can see all those seams!

I picked up coordinating batiks at Quilt In Joy while there in August (which I’ve learned is now for sale, the quilt shop, (Kathy is retiring and looking for a buyer, I digress)).  I want to work all these colors in like waves rolling around the quilt…DSCF6294

Not sure how I’ll do it yet but when I do I’ll be sure to post it here!  I’m already figuring out a free motion quilt pattern, something wavy oceany!  This process is really fun, and creative when you don’t have a pattern.  You just never know how it will come out!

Today I’m meeting up at the beach again with one of Jamba’s best dog buds for a last hurrah along the lake.  We have just this week left with Jamba before we turn him in to CCI on Friday.DSCF6103.jpg

During my walk this morning he about took my arm off trying to meet another dog…excitable greetings?  Yeah, he gets pretty excited.  There are so many things to think about raising these dogs that it’s hard not to second guess yourself when pondering their future.

I’ll post more about Jamba’s up and coming turn-in this Friday…it really deserves its own post.

Talk later!


4 thoughts on “One Block Wonder Quilt – Ready for the borders!”

  1. I love the picture with the light coming through. Quilts are so beautiful when you can see the seems and stitching with the light shining behind them. I’ve started climbing under my quilting machine on my back to take pictures of quilts with the light coming through while I’m working on them.


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