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More Portlandia, Coffee!!!

I’ve been told that Portland has a fairly unique coffee scene.  My first clue was the first coffee shop, first order.  Our coffee was brewed in these glass carafe looking pitchers.  I have something like this for our trailer, but plastic, and would NEVER have believed I’d be paying $6.00 for someone to fill the cone with grounds and pour hot water over them.DSCF6829

The coffee was very flavorfull and robust and VERY STRONG.  Holy crap it was strong…

I took some other random photos of the other coffee houses we visited.



Sisters, on a late night…


Can’t forget the free sample at Trader Joe’s…


Or the other samples available at the local grocery… (note the eco friendly container)…


and the drive-thru…yum…


I have a whole new appreciation for the Portland coffee scene.  It is very unique and reminded me somewhat of our time in Vienna believe it or not.  Not as great as Vienna but a reminder.  The small coffee house, people gathering, great tastes.



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  1. I was in Eugene for a week long sewing retreat last summer, and became addicted to Dutch Bros. They had a drive-up walk-up kiosk in the hotel parking lot, and one not too far from the sewing room. Wonderful coffee!


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