Scenes From the Dashboard Series

Scenes From the Dashboard Series – These Kids Grow Up Hardy!

I took this on my way to work yesterday, stopped to let the kids get on the bus.  We’ve been getting pummeled with snow this winter, 60 inches so far.  Almost a record for this area.


This bus was sliding all over the road too…but the driver was doing a great job…DSCF7464

It took about an hour to get us out of the driveway…DSCF7455

I checked my pedometer and it was 4,800 steps!  Whoo Hoo!  A great workout!


I’m ready for some Spring!  How about you?


2 thoughts on “Scenes From the Dashboard Series – These Kids Grow Up Hardy!”

  1. OK… I have to add my 2 cents: Because I have experienced “snow” from Montana to Florida during my life I have to admit… snow in the South is not the same as snow in the North. NO, the snow is the same thing… as is the ICE, but and that is a big BUT, the powers that run a city are not going to purchase snowplows for something that “might” happen. They may store a little salt or sand but that won’t move 2 feet of snow. I remember snow paralyzing Quonset Pt. R.I. when I lived there as well as Fairfax, VA. mainly because they were not prepared to remove the snow. Another point is – the roads are not constructed with the idea of snowfall happening every year, especially huge snowfalls. Sometimes there are no easements alongside the lanes where you can pull over, just drop offs! I can picture all those school buses in the ditch because they couldn’t stop.
    I can definitely sympathize with closing down until the sun shines and melts it all away.


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