Border Debate Begins

The center is complete!  Now the border work begins on the Churn Dash quilt.

I love EQ7.  This program has greatly improved my ability to imagine what the end quilt will look like!  It beats drawing by hand, hands down.

Let’s look at some options…

1. White outer border, colored (purple) inner border.churn dash white outer purple inner

2. White outer border, white inner border.churn dash white inner white outer

3. Black outer border, black inner border.churn dash thin black inner wide black outer

4. Colored Outer border, colored inner border (purple).churn dash purple border

5. White outer, black inner.churn dash black inner white outer

6. Thin Black outer, think black inner.churn dash black inner thin black outer

Do any of these options jump out at you?  I’d like to hear your choice.  Tomorrow I’ll let you know mine!

Happy Quilting!


12 thoughts on “Border Debate Begins”

  1. I find the black borders striking… it seems to make the pattern stand out better. Haven’t made up my mind yet on the wide or the narrow. If the quilt is quite large I think I would opt for the narrow #6… but I like the dominating effect it has in #3.


  2. # 3; # 4 & #6 all appeal to me. The others are too “busy” for a quilt with such dynamic blocks. I like the wider outer border best. I guess you have to decide how you are going to use it…do you need the width?


  3. Either 3 or 6 are the best in my opinion. The black frames the colorful blocks and calms things down. 6 showcases the blocks a little more than 3 with the thin border. I couldn’t decide between the two but 3 or 6 get my vote. Great work, I love EQ7 as well.


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