Using up the 3 Inch Squares for the Border!


Happy Saturday Everyone!

I spent some minutes this morning cutting up the leftovers into the remaining 3″ squares I’m going to need for the border on the Churn Dash quilt.


When I’m entirely too lazy to set up a ‘proper’ cutting station I use my collapsible ironing board, a small cutting mat and a ruler…DSCF8921

I just chop away.  The bits and pieces from the leftover scrap are small enough that I don’t have to worry about the size of the fabric.  Everything just fits nice and perfect in the small space.

After cutting I separated the squares into color groups…DSCF8922

This will help when I randomize the sewing into four patches.

Snow is still on the ground here…DSCF8919

…but we are expecting a warm up and some melt so wish us luck!

On a side note, I broke another camera.  This is the second camera to meet such a fate…DSCF7542

I guess the camera isn’t technically broke, just the port that I use to transfer the photo’s to the computer…a closer look here…DSCF7539

Ya.  Just snapped right off, damn piece of _____ (insert your favorite expletive).

In the days of film we used to buy a camera and you’d have it for darn near life.  This is my 2nd Fuji Pro, the first one I bought full price, this one I bought off of ebay for around $400.  I love the camera but I’m just frustrated at the ruggedness at not being able to handle the in/out port!!  Uggh!

I think I’ll look into a new camera soon, but if I know myself I’ll probably try and squeeze out a solution to this problem and use this camera for a few more years.


Well.  Happy Saturday Everyone!

In case you forgot what flowers and spring look like, I bought some flowers for you!DSCF8916

~Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “Using up the 3 Inch Squares for the Border!”

  1. It’s early here and I just turned on my computer. I am sorry about your camera but I absolutely LOVE the flowers. Adding this to my “Secret Garden” file so I can see it every day as my favorite flowers stream across the screen.
    Love, MOM


  2. If I broke a expensive camera I would be in tears. I had a digital that I used for 16 years and it takes good pictures but the memory card is expensive. So I bought a new Nikon this past fall that I also like. I thought I lost it last month. I was really upset until I found it. It took me a couple of days to find it. My little grandson had played with it while my back was turned. I know this because he took picture of himself. It ended up under the couch. I found it when I cleaned.

    Thank you for following me.


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