Singer Featherweight

A Tale of Two Feathers

Hi Friends!

Oh, it’s been such a long time since I’ve purchased a sewing machine, ANY sewing machine!

I’ll back up here a sec and explain why I’ve got this purchase on the mind.  You see, I’ve been thinking a lot about our trailer this past winter, thinking about where we are going and what kind of adventures we are going to have.  One thing I wanted to find was a small sewing machine that will fit inside the trailer, one that can be stowed nicely in a void space under the dinette.

I really like the idea of having a machine handy, to work on some piecing or sew a little project on the road.

I looked at the sewing and quilt expos and I’ve looked at many of the machines in the quilt shops but I keep coming back to the idea that maybe it’s time I tried my luck at purchasing one of those super cute Singer  Featherweight!


As you can imagine, my excitement was on overdrive when I woke up one morning last week to find I had WON an auction on Ebay!

Oh how thrilled I was.

Then the package arrived and reality of what I had done set in…DSCF8061

Okay.  In all fairness, the auction did have a picture of this power cord but I wasn’t prepared for the machine to be in such a state.


I turned the machine over and took off the drip pan.  Old fossilized rubber dust came out by the cup load.  Uggh.  Sigh…


The extra parts were strewn about the case, no extra packing and no bobbin case.

The motor wasn’t even attached, the belt was disintegrating.


The good news?  The actual housing looked in respectable shape.  I figured I could buy some new parts and I’d be in business…


Then just when I was working on about my 10th hour of study for replacement parts on the internet I got another email from Ebay!

Oh no!  I’d forgotten I had a bid on another machine.  The auction had a long time period and I’d put in one of those maximum bids.

I totally forgot about it…until that email reminded me!  Drats!!

Oh no!  I won!!!  After the first machine I am thinking I’ve really done it this time.

Then a note come through from the seller telling me he’d have it all packaged up and on it’s way tout suite…

It’s here!!!


Oh no!  Was it going to be another disappointment?


Well, at least there’s packing material.  That’s a good sign…


…and the case looks in decent shape…


…oh look!  There’s more bubble wrap!  Awesome!  This machine has really been packaged up nicely.  Someone really took time to make sure it would make the trip.  I’m starting to get excited now.


Awe!!  Look!  Even more bubble wrap.  Sniffle…


There’s even an extra light bulb, all tucked in…sniff…


I give her a good oil and lube job…I am so excited….and turn her on!


Oh my gosh!!! She Sews!!!!!


I didn’t leave her plugged in too long.  I want to get a new foot pedal and have her wiring updated and some new rubber feet and a new belt.

I’m going to go cry now.  She’s perfect!

Oh…and what to do with the other one?  I have no idea.

Do any of you out there have ideas what I should do with my first purchase?  The one that needs an overhaul?

Some possible options:
1.  Should I sell it back on Ebay?
2. Have it stripped and re-painted in an awesome new color?

Let me know your thoughts!



7 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Feathers”

  1. You will be happy with your Featherweight. I actually have my mom’s old one (which was older when she got it). Your case looks better than mine even. Could you post where you find a new belt and how to get the wiring updated? The wiring (and belt) need to be updated on mine also.


  2. TWO FEATHERWEIGHTS…..LUCKY GIRL !!! ..Did you pay too much for the one that needs all the work? Or if you fix it up will it be worth selling at a higher price? I would LOVE to have a featherweight~~!!~~ May I ask what you paid on EBAY so I have a clue what to expect as I begin my search?


    1. The totals include shipping, so take that into consideration. The first one I paid $230 and the second I paid $380 (was shipped from Canada so that was a bit more). I would say these are on the low scale from what I’ve seen of the pricing at the deelers at quilt shows. Of course both will need service.

      The first one I figured will need a new foot pedal or re-wiring at the minum, I’m still deciding. I need to find a screw to affix the motor to the machine and get a new belt, feet and a bobbin case and have the internal wiring re-done but other than that it is in fairly decent shape from the looks of it. I could probably re-coup that if I re-sell. It actually might be a fun experience to ‘experiment’ on the first one first!


      1. Won’t it be fun to get them both in working order and play with them a bit. If you must part with one at least that way you will know which you like best. Otherwise you might always wonder if you sold the WRONG one.


      2. So true! That is exactly what I was thinking! I love the scroll face of my first purchase but the 2nd runs right out of the box, so something to compare it to. So far I’m not there yet. I’ve ordered some replacement parts now and this machine will be running in no time!


  3. I would probably keep the first one for spare parts. (unless you are limited on space). I like the idea of painting it! That sounds fun! The using it as a door stop or decoration. 🙂


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