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Roll Roll Buzz Saw Progress – Working on the border!

Whoot!  I am finally working on the border!DSCF9055

Here are all these fun border pieces!  Lots of them.  I really do find Bonnie’s patterns to challenge me but they are very time consuming to put together!  I know once I get this round of quilt tops put together and out of my WIP bins I will be ready to make some super quick and fast clothing!

There are over 100 of these units and I was using Bonnie Hunter’s pressing technique…DSCF9057

stringing these all along and pulling out an ironing board length at a time to flip and press.  A huge pile was on the floor…DSCF9056

…and Miss Holly decided that was a GREAT place to hide a bone!!!  DSCF9060

So she was a little put out when I kept shifting her off the pile so I could actually press!  Seriously…DSCF9064

What I tolerate with that dog!  Uggh!  And here’s round 2 (the other side) going through the machine.

Oh.  It will be a happy day when this gets finished!

Happy Quilting!