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Roll Roll Buzz Saw Top Finished!

The wind was only slightly blowing.  I finished up this top yesterday and brought it outside to take a picture of it… DSCF9113  Getting a photo of the top was a little tricky… DSCF9117       Some of the outtakes… DSCF9097-001 DSCF9099 DSCF9101 DSCF9103

I’m glad I didn’t stop with this top.  There were so many times I thought to just give up, put it all back in a box and forget about it.  Don’t we do that a lot?

I kept plugging away at it and now, a few months later, the top is complete.  I’m considering adding another solid green small border like the inner border around the outside just to make it easier to finish and square up once that time comes.  It will also help keep my triangle points pointed.

Now I need to figure out how to quilt it!

Stay tuned!

Happy Quilting Everyone!


8 thoughts on “Roll Roll Buzz Saw Top Finished!”

  1. Beautiful! There’s something so crisp and clean about a quilt top before it’s quilted. It’s so smooth; the quilting adds contours and shadows.


  2. What a beautiful quilt top! I do think Chloe is trying to claim it or maybe she is just interested in the shade? Maybe she knows it is going to end up In your room so, in essence, it IS hers.


    1. Thanks Laura. yes, it sort of looks pineapple inspired but that is only because you are seeing the strip piecing. It was a challenging quilt to put together!


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