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Snowing In October – Jim Names a Quilt

Jim walked into the guest bedroom -which also serves as my design wall and staging area – looked at the wall and proclaimed “snowing in October!” followed very quickly with “hey, that block needs to be turned…”.

See if you can find the block he’s talking about…DSCF9282

This top was partially made up by MOM.  I think it was her first attempt at a bed size quilt waaaaay back when I was in High School.  I can’t remember the exact year but it was definitely between 1982-1986.  She made a sampler block quilt about this same time period and rumor has it my brother wore it out.

The pattern is Eleanor Burns’ Quilt in a Day Log Cabin…DSCF9276

…and when I was home last winter I had my Mom find all the pieces and give them to me…DSCF9283

The top consisted of 15 blocks sewn together in the Fields and Furrows arrangement (and one turned wonky).  There was a missing component, an eyelet center that was lost so I found some fabric that looks coordinated and completed 5 more blocks.

There is enough of the fabric strips to make 7 more blocks.  I think I’ll ponder this for a day or two.  The extra blocks could be pillow cases, or the strips made into half square or quarter square triangles for the border, something  to jazz it up a little or used for the backing or binding.  Just something to think about.

This was a pattern book from a time when the rotary cutter hadn’t yet made it into mainstream quilting…DSCF9277 DSCF9279  DSCF9280 DSCF9281

Everything was TORN!  I remember doing that too back in the early days.  I hated it because you get all those loose threads entangled on everything!  Uggh!

It also makes it hard to get things perfectly sewn.  My blocks are slightly larger then Mom’s so I’ll have to play with these a bit.

This is a SUPER easy pattern to put together.  I made the 5 extra blocks in an hour.  This pattern is still available, but has been updated of course and is also a feature of two videos …

Part 1:


and Part 2:


Easy right?

Can’t wait to get this one off of the WIP list and onto the ‘Needs to be Quilted’ list!

Till next time, have a great weekend!



7 thoughts on “Snowing In October – Jim Names a Quilt”

  1. Well….. it looks different than when it was hiding in my “stash” . I think it was just a log cabin pattern because that seemed the easiest. I did not want a red center so picked out the eyelet. Also it was just going to be a lap quilt, but I liked the color combination and the way it was looking so thought I would make it bigger “some day”. Thanks for making that happen!
    Love , MOM
    By the way, it was during the Lap Quilting phase with Georgia Bonestiel. you may have some of the books I collected of her work. I’m not sure I knew about Eleanor Burns yet.


    1. Oh yeah! Georgia Bonesteel! Thats right, you made a quilt as you go quilt. I need to find those books!


  2. Lovely, and I’m certain your mother will be pleased to see that it is finished. Yuck about the torn, I had forgotten all about that. At least the directions are for rotary cutters. Quilt in a Day has never quite worked out “in a day” for me. I’ve been working on a Quick Trip QID for over a month now. But I do see the light at the end of the tunnel.


  3. Interesting… Rotary cutters were not around when I tore that fabric! Isn’t it amazing how quickly we adapt to new, easier methods.

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