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I Guess I’m a JoAnn Fabric Shop!!! Their Mistake, You’re Opportunity!

Hi Friends,

Every day I work on getting fabrics into my little on-line shop.  Today was a little bit of a surprise as I unwrapped this Red and White Snowflake print…


I began taking photos not even looking at the end of the bolt or the selvage, just snapping away… DSCF1760

Finally, I looked to record the style number and THIS shows up!!!DSCF1761

Really?  How in the world did this bolt get into my shipment?  This is the first time this has happened.  I ordered a selection of Windham and Red Rooster prints and they must have thrown this in by mistake!  DSCF1769

This has been sitting in a pile of Christmas fabrics waiting for me to get them photographed.  Oh well!  I guess this little mistake is going to be a great opportunity for anyone that wants a bargain!  I’m not JoAnn Fabrics and I can hardly bring this fabric to shows to sell (I mean I could, but I need NON-JoAnn fabrics if you know what I mean.  My buyers are looking for prints NOT sold at the big box places).

So…I am closing this one out at just $3.99 per yard (that’s about what it cost me to order and warehouse it).  I have just 8 yards of this and you can get it in my shop at  Thanks for looking!

Quick link:!/Red-and-White-Flakes/p/51240280/category=13362049

Talk soon and happy sewing everyone!


2 thoughts on “I Guess I’m a JoAnn Fabric Shop!!! Their Mistake, You’re Opportunity!”

  1. I have a question, i am trying to get rid of some fabric, I am I am not sure if I am offering it at a good price or not I have it on a few Facebook yard sale site for $40.00 right now. It is Chez Neal Shadow Chenille Fabric-heavy chenille fabric , super soft few with grommets. All the pieces coordinate with each other too !!! – 38% polyester 62% cotton-39 PIECES TOTAL-Various sizes ranging from 27 X 26, to 18 X 12. Do you think I am asking a Fair price or should I go lower because I cannot seem to get anyone to offer me anything for these pieces and I do not want to just get rid of it. Thank you for your advice


  2. Hi Pcollette1, Sometimes it just takes a long time to sell something. The right person hasn’t come around yet. I’m not sure about Facebook, it is sooooo hard to shop on facebook. Have you tried Craigslist? This sounds like a good candidate for Craigslist. You can also do Ebay with a Best Offer, I like those because you can talk back and forth with a potential buyer. The other thing you can do is make something with it and sell a finished product.
    Hope this helps!


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