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Up-Cycling T-Shirts to help Our Dog Heal!

Hi Friends,

Me here.  It’s been a little crazy here lately and I haven’t been able to sit down and get a post in until just now.  Last week I took our dog Holly in to the Vet for her annual exam and asked them to figure out what a big lump was on her chest.

It turned out to be a real nasty cancerous tumor (I’ll save you the gross details) but she needed to have surgery to remove it and that happened this week Tuesday!

So yay!  Holly is doing just great but I’ve had to make these little body koozies to go over her so I thought I’d put a little TUTE together for you in case you ever get/need to do this!  They are super simple and since they’ll be tossed once they are not needed there’s no need for fancy styling!   Ha!

Here’s our little Holly, 2 and a half days post surgery.  She looks like a little slasher movie but it’s a lot better then it was and today she was back to her super spunky self…


I found this old x-tra large t-shirt in the closet.  I have measured Holly and I need to make sure I have a circumference of 20″.  This will give about 2-3 inches of ease room around her body.  I don’t want her Koozie too tight… DSCF2999

I’m able to get 2 from this 1 shirt!!!  Perfect!  I cut just under the arm pit and the shirt in half…


…so 2 of these…


Now all I need to do is zig-zag the long edge closed…


I measure down the length of her head to her shoulders (this was about 5-6 inches) and clip to locate a place to cut our an armhole.


Then I cut out the armholes on both sides  (I folded the tube in half and cut the 4 layers as one) like so…


Next, I slipped the Koozie over Holly’s head and put her legs through the armholes…


Then I rolled back the head portion of the Koozie and pinned in place using a safety pin behind her head…


Here is the pin behind the head holding the fold…


Then fold up either side under her chin and pin those in place in the back.  By having these pins behind her she can’t mess with them!


And here’s the end result…completely covers her stitches and is loose to give her room to breath.DSCF3018

The Koozie get’s changed daily or when it get’s dirty for 10 days until her stitches come out!

Hope you’ll never have to make one…but in case you do, I hope this is helpful!

Have a great day everyone!  Time to put some pills in some cheese, peanut butter, or some other tasty tidbit!

More soon!