Free Motion Quilting “Snow In October” Video 5 – The Continuous Feather Border and Finish!!!

Hi Friends,

Whoot, Whoot!!!  I am finished with “Snow In October”!!!

It feels so good to be finished with a quilt that took such a long time to complete.  I hate when I have to stop and start a project (like, just about everything I work on!) but especially when it is the quilting portion of the quilt because it really means my machine is occupied and I can’t use it for anything else!

My other Bernina is in the trailer (remind me to get that out of there for winter) and I do have those Featherweights I’ve been restoring but you know what I mean…it’s just not the same thing as sewing on your beloved workhorse machine.DSCF0566

So here it is!  This is the last video in this series.  It is a LONG one, so many apologies for the boringness factor, but that’s what that little arrow is for…to speed up the video and get to something you want to see.  Trust me, I won’t be offended if you skip around.  These videos were done strictly to document how I quilted this quilt.  Oh, I guess I do have one or two more videos but those can be done anytime.  I did sign the quilt and I made a short clip of my workspace set-up…no biggies, just keeping those in the clutch for now.

As always, enjoy!


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