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Red Sky at Night

Isn’t this beautiful?

I took this photo last week and just now found it on my phone. Had to share.

We have a lot of things going on so I thought I’d post. These posts always help to sort out the to do list.

First up today is try and get my shower base clean. I feel like I’ve tried everything. This morning it was baking soda and vinegar.



Still not there but I am leaving it and moving on.

Next on the list is to put away the Christmas boxes.

I know, it’s almost February but we have a good excuse. We both got sick with whatever bug was floating around and we have both been wiped out. Today I feel great and healed so off they will go!

Then it will be orders. I have a few that came in yesterday and just need to get to the warehouse to pull the fabrics and make a run to the post office.

Jim wants to update our passports so we need to get photos sometime today too.

Grocery shopping has to happen as well and we have to plan for tomorrow’s CCI party.

Dara will be going back in February, in just a few weeks. That was a change from the original May turn-in. She’s as ready as she’ll ever be so I am not worried only that she will be missed. We elected the option to take her back as a pet in case she doesn’t make it in the program.

Well, I must get going to get to doing so let me know if you all have a tried and true solution to shower basin cleaning okay?


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  1. You are going to be busy! If you ever get a good tip to clean the shower please pass it on – I have a bath I am not very proud off. Always tell guests to use the other bathroom so they don’t see the bath 🙂

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