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Remodeling The Smallest Powder Room on Earth

We are back to work on home projects this week. This next project is the gut and re-do of our teeny tiny bathroom that is off the kitchen.

Isn’t it pretty?

No. I know. It’s just about the ugliest thing on earth and it has been waiting its turn patiently.

I had taken the door off and picked off most of the wallpaper before thinking I’m probably going to just take the drywall off for most of the room.

A new corner sink arrived and the faucet is due to arrive in a few weeks. So in the interim I want to get the plumbing worked out for the new sink.

I had a plumber come and he wasnt so sure about all that would be required until we opened up the wall but said I might want to open that can of worms and just get a vanity.

No. I really need the corner sink so there’s actually leg room between the toilet and sink.

So off the sink goes. My plumber said he has a guy that buys these old 1960’s era colored sinks so I took it off whole.

Now I opened up the wall…let’s take a looksie….

Well it doesn’t look so bad. Looks like there’s nothing in the way to move everything to th left 6 inches. Yes, all this for 6 inches.

I do need to put a backer board support on the other wall. Once that is done I will pull a permit for the plumbing…

Stay tuned…