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Operation Lap Wrap preparation

National Quilting Day is March 15th. For this day I’ve decided to organize a quilting event for Operation Lap Wrap. Oh where’s my “stop me before I volunteer again” button! Seriously though this is going to be fun.

I’ve designed a couple of lap quilt patterns and I’m working out one of them which is going to be a patriotic colored Bear Paw. I’m designing my own because I really couldn’t find anything in the many, many books I have looked at. The benefiting organization requires that the quilts be no larger than 45″ x 45″. This is pretty tough to find!

So I’m putting my designer cap on and getting to work. Hmmm, maybe I should put a little book together while I’m at it! I guess I’m a little late in the game but better late than never. There are still many many service members that this will benefit!

However, a funny thing occurred. Well not so funny. I really began to think I was losing my mind, which I’m sure will happen soon enough but I swear I followed all my design principles to a T! I used my little CAD program to work out the design of the Bear Paw and printed it out. All looks good. Then I create a .pdf file thinking “oh, this will be great! I’ll be able to just upload the pattern!”.

My pieces weren’t matching up and I couldn’t figure it out. I thought I must be taking larger seam allowances, or just totally screwed up in the head with my math skills (both perfectly logical — captain!). Alas, today I figured it out the the .pdf version of the pattern is smaller than the Visio file. Man! I thought I had something there! Now I have to find a solution so my patterns will be as I draw them. But at any rate, here’s my first block. It’s going to be beautiful when finished and I can’t wait for the 15th.

To visit the Suburban Stitchers Meetup group find them here:

Bear Paw pieces

Bear Paw quilted square