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Clothes Have To Function 1st For You

The 1st F; Function.

Your clothes have to function. They have to work for you or ‘serve’ you as defined by a dictionary.

How do clothes become functional then? Earlier I’d posted a technique for discovering your body silhouette. This is important because when you know your silhouette you know your ‘ body shape’. When you are armed with the knowledge of knowing your correct body shape you will be able to browse through pattern catalogs, style reviews or shop ready to wear with confidence of what will work for you and what won’t.

There are many stylist specialists out there that will work with you and prepare a wardrobe plan for several hundred dollars but for just a few cents on the dollar you can do this yourself. All you need to know is 1) how to determine your silhouette and 2)then understand what style lines work best for your particular silhouette, and there is already a great deal of information available.

This is freedom. You will begin to start reviewing your pattern collections now with a critical thinking cap. You will start clipping ideas from fashion magazines, searching out designs that will work for you, and on occasion may get caught up sketching something of inspiration when you find something special at retail. Fashion sewing will not be so intimidating and will start to become fun, just as it should be!

See my post for determining your silhouette.


To keep things as simple as possible we will use the shapes which the pattern company’s use. Here is a link to a Vogue Patterns publication.


For my shape, I can take an objective eye and see that I am a wide, slightly short-wasted hourglass — (okay…that sounds a little bit like a surfer or snowboarder describing the next wave or slope!). But now that this is done I can go through all of my patterns and start putting together a collection that work for my body shape.

With the analysis in place and a few patterns in hand I’m now ready to move on to the 2nd very important F – Fit!