Finn’s Fabrics in Barrington now Closed, thanks for 40 years!

About two months ago I’d heard the news that Finn’s Fabrics was going to close.  Here is a link to the Chicago Tribune story;
For nearly 40 years, Dyllis Braithwaite has been offering more than fine silks and linens from her store in downtown Barrington.
To Braithwaite, the bolts of fabric were wearable art she shared—along with her love of sewing and a willingness to listen—with customers whom she regarded as friends.

“I really ministered to people. Many people came into my store just to get a lift because my store was so beautiful with the displays and the beautiful fabrics,” said Braithwaite, 80, the longtime owner of Finn’s Fabrics by Dyllis, 113 N. Cook St. “And lots of times they would tell me their sad stories and I would listen.”

The fabric shop and Braithwaite have been institutions in Barrington, but back problems are
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You could often find Dyllis in the store, either behind the counter or at her sewing machine in the window.  Her store was small but packed with beautiful fabrics.  The store was a little out of the way for some, and you had to crane your neck driving down Main St. in order to make sure you could remember the side street it was on and make the turn.
It was a store that you had to Know where it was or that it even existed.  Dyllis did very little (if any) advertising and in my very humble opinion, I believe she just kept her store because she just loved sewing and didn’t really care about all the rest of business.
Thanks Dyllis for having one of the best stores ever!