My 800 Pound Project Gorilla Goes Home!

Have you ever agreed to sew with or for someone else a project that you just couldn’t get done for one reason or another and therefore it ultimately became the cliched 800 pound gorilla in your sewing room? Did it taunt you, nag you, relentlessly give you guilt trips because it just never got done?

I have had one of these. After many many months I began calling it the Gorilla in the sewing room.  It was terrible and maddening! But at long last I have completed this project and my sewing room is gorilla free! I actually paused my ‘Sew For A Year Challenge’ in order to get this off the proverbial desk.

It all started in late summer 2005 when a friend of mine asked me if I could help her make some cushions for her newly purchased wicker chairs. I readily agreed and thought the two of us working together could make a few cushions in a couple of weekends, no problem. This was going to be a joint effort and together we’d conquer the cushion world!

Good intentions.

It all started great but one thing led to another and before we knew it our life’s other commitments took hold and we never did get around to finishing them, until now.  Wahoo!

One of the finished cusions!

Eventually, I’ll post the how-to tutorial on how we made them.  They really weren’t that difficult, the decisions and getting the foam is what ended up taking so long.  The photo above is one of the cushions on one of my chairs.  I’ll post a photo of all three pieces when I bring them to their new owners this week.  Cheers!