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Just a quick update on MTD

DSCF0640 Just a quick update on MTD.  I received the blood and urine reports this past Monday and talked to Dr. Schwartz.  All digits look good and there hasn’t been much change in the numbers since February so the best belief is an infection.

We are on now a 14 day treatment.  Poor guy is walking around like he’s straddling a soccer ball under his belly.

He got a little testy with me yesterday when I tried to help but at least he slept last night.

Now if only I could figure out a way to get this pill inside a piece of bacon fat…

2 thoughts on “Just a quick update on MTD”

  1. Just found your site searching about Katharine Hepburn, and saw your series about pants… but couldn’t find the final pic. Anyways- I like you blog bunches!

    So- having read nothing but the above post…
    My “pup” is on quite a few meds. One is a daily supplement for glucosamine chondriontin. We buy it in orange chews (dogs just take people kind). They are super affordable (if that matters) and the dog things she’s getting something like a starburst candy 2x a day! (We split it in half to hide her am/pm meds in them).

    Hope everything works out for you!


    1. Thank you! I’ll try the glucosamine/chondroitin eventually. I want to make sure MTD’s stomach won’t get too upset by it.


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