Project Runway

And of course I’m watching. Aren’t you?

timgunncover I thought I would wait until the 3rd episode to give my predictions for the show but somehow I just can’t.

Oh sorry.  Thought you were with me here on my train of thought.  You know.  PR.  The show.

Oh where was I? Yes, predictions.

I’m going to make this a game for myself and predict the outcome this time.  I think this show is so heavily produced that a predetermined field of favorites is selected way before any of us ever catches on.  I know.  I must be in my cynical week but after shows 1 and 2 it is just so obvious.

The show formula hasn’t changed one bit.  I’d at least have thought the players would catch on and start developing alliances like they do in Survivor but out of all these seasons there’s only been one or two ‘help me out a little here’ pleadings from friendly show-mates.

Oh well.

So here we go…

So here’s my picks.


Christopher and Shirin are my outside favorites.  I did notice they both had a win so maybe there is something there.  And then my most odd pick is Johnny the former meth addict.  He does have talent and he already cracked but he came back, focused and produced some really nice designs.

Overall winner: Christopher.

Game on…let’s play.  Who are you putting your money on?

photos courtesy of Liftime television and USA Weekend.