My stash bustin scrap Amy Butler Pattern weekend

DSCF5302-1I spent this past weekend pulling out fabric scraps and sorting through old projects.  When we were in Fairbanks this past spring I picked up the Amy Butler pattern for the Weekender Travel Bag.  A sample of the bag was in the shop and I couldn’t resist the impulse to purchase the pattern and figure on someday I’d make one.

Then I read the instructions.   Well, I’m rather fearless, so I don’t really let a little thing like Timtex or ‘Heavy Duty’ Dritz brand template plastic scare me.  I don’t even know what Timtex (with a TM) is even…so sorry if I’m going to disappoint you all.

It wasn’t until I was hand stitching closed my lining that I decided to type in Amy Butler Weekender Bag into Google when Whooooaah Nellie!  There is so much written about this very bag!  And some really fantastic looking examples.

see here, here and here….good stuff!

I even went over to Pattern Review to see what they were saying over there and sure enough a lot of people were talking about this Timtex (with the TM…of course) and how hard the bag was to make.

You know.  I even went to the store for some heavy interfacing and saw something really heavy and dreadful and to myself said “no way I’m using that stuff!”.  It wasn’t called Timtex (with the TM…just in case we don’t know it’s trademarked) so went with something on a large long roll used for shades.  I guess I wasn’t thinking about it or just couldn’t remember the sample from May.  Now after reading all this hub a lub yeah, I guess the bag was pretty stiff.  Mine works just fine though without it.

Oh well.  I thought it went together pretty easy.  It just took a little time, like anything else.  I used some leftover upholstery/drapery fabric, an old jacket zipper and two pieces of plastic canvas (finally got rid of it!) for the false bottom and only spent about $5 on the interfacing and cording.

Turns out it only made a small dent in the extra drapery fabric!  I’ll probably have to make 4 or 5 more just to use it up!