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Finishing up old projects…entry 1

Finishing up old projects.

DSCF2163It seems I have about 20 or so projects that are in bins, bags and boxes throughout my house.  I know I’ve tossed a few others over the years but why is it so many just hang around…unfinished?

I must have a slight case of hoarding disease.  (Speaking of which…have you seen the show ‘hoarders’?…fascinating…Mondays…8pm…watch it…).

Well.  I’ve lined up a couple of unfinished projects and I don’t care if it kills me.  I’m going to finish these up.

This first one was a companion piece to an anorak I made back in or around 1991.  Yes….1991.  This is Simplicity pattern #9585 copyright 1990.  The anorak was made, worn..and worn out years and years ago but at the bottom of a box was the cute little back-pack all cut out but never made up.


Until now.  Just two more steps to do and it will be finished.  God, that feels good.    I found some really bright green (fluorescent green?) webbing at the store over the weekend and thought it would go perfect for the straps and handle.

Most likely this will end up going to someone as a gift…some youngster out there…who knows.  The colors are just kid lov’in bright that is for sure.

One down…19 or so more to go!

So how many projects do you have lying around unfinished…can you top me?

2 thoughts on “Finishing up old projects…entry 1”

  1. Really impressed with the paper piecing your created and all the wonderful blocks you created!!

    Did you use software to create PP – if so do you mind sharing which software??




    1. Hi AB,
      Thank you for your comment. It is most appreciated. The templates I made were created in Visio, which is actually a piece of software used for a variety of things such as flow charts, office diagrams, maps. I found it pretty easy to use to create the exact dimensions I was after. I have also used Microsoft Word, believe it or not. There are a lot of programs out there that can do the same thing.


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