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Blogs I follow – Quiltville

A blog I love to read is Quiltville by Bonnie Hunter.

Currently she is putting up a quilting mystery sew-along for a Christmas Quilt.  January through March is when I set aside space in my sewing area to work on quilts but because this is Christmas I’m toying with following along on the mystery.

Lord knows I have something like 10 or so quilt tops that I’ve started or are in various stages of progress.  And Lord knows too I don’t need to start another one!  But I just can’t resist the pull here at Quiltville.


For one, it looks kinda fun.

For two, I can only be inspired by Bonnie’s passion and speed at getting these quilts finished.  My God…does she sleep?

I don’t know.  Do you think I should try to sew along?  Darn it!  I’m jumping in!

Hope it doesn’t end up in another box somewhere in the closet half finished.

Wish me luck!