Fabric Shops, Off the beaten trail

A Tale of Two Fabrics…err Two Stores?…err Two Fabric Cutters?

A few really interesting things happened last night that I’m dying to share with you all.  First is my most amazing fabric purchasing experience at Hobby Lobby.

I wanted to stop into Hobby Lobby to get some Christmassy Fabric to go around the base of our tree.  For some reason we are on a wild hare to actually try and decorate the biggest, baddest tree we can find and now that the beast is taking over our living room my inadequate little tree skirt just ain’t cutting it!  So I figured 4 yards of fabric ought to be enough to wrap around the base and cover everything.

We pick out this cute red with white snowflakes.  It’s marked down 50% off and I go to the cutting counter and ask for 4 yards.  The lady behind the counter chit-chats with me and after I tell her what it’s for and I look over the 4 yard length, agree that that ought to be enough.  Then she does the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.  She pulls on the bolt…



and over….


Holy crap, I’m thinking “is she really measuring now or is she just pulling out more fabric to measure??”.

Nope.  She puts the scissors right at the end and cuts it off.  I’m thinking there has to be about 6 yards she’s giving me.  She smiles and says “that’s a good 4 yards for you.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!”.  She writes me up and Jim and I are on our way to the check-out.

“Do you think we’ll get busted at the check-out?” I say to Jim.

“What do you mean?” Jim asks.

“Didn’t you see how she measured?”

“No, why?”

“Well I think she just pulled out arms lengths and started counting, there’s got to be a generous amount here over 4 yards”

“aagh…she was in a good mood”

And we check-out and that was that.  This morning I measured just to see and sure enough she gave me 5 and 1/2 yards!  Whoo Hoo Merry Christmas!!!

So this morning I’m working on cutting out some neutrals for the Carolina Christmas Mystery quilt and I square off another piece of fabric I bought at Jo-Ann’s last week.  Pretty funny.  The square off about reduced this piece down to nothing.

Jo-Ann’s would have called this fair because my total square footage of yardage (ok… square inchage of yardage) was 1/2 yard regardless of grain.

Being a former Jo-Ann’s store manager (from the dawn of time…many, many, many years ago) I just find this whole illustration on stinginess hilarious.  HO, HO, HO!  I know exactly what goes on in those training sessions so it is just doubly humorous.  And to think Hobby Lobby closes on Sundays for worship and family…even more hilarious.

Well…to make this story end and to let you all know I wanted a sign to relieve my guilt for getting so much, when driving home we spotted the most amazing sight.

“Jim, is that an apparition?” I pull the car over to look.

“Yea…looks like an Angel!”

“No way!”


What do you think you all?  Did we see an Angel?

This is what we saw last night, it was on our church near our home.

The spotlight is shooting through the snow and created this image.

I feel blessed now.  And it just so happened that I got a really good nights sleep last night!

Merry, Merry Christmas!