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Manequim – a free sewing pattern site…for clothing!

I do not speak Portuguese or Spanish (or am able to read either for that matter) but a few months back I stumbled upon this site after I was researching Brazil during the big Chicago vs Rio Olympic 2016 show down.  I think it is from Brazil?  If not, please someone correct me on that.  I do however speak Sewing and was surprised at just how much I could understand.

This reminds me a lot of the German Burda.  Here is the link:

When you get to the home page click on Moldes Online.  There are about 20 designs which can all be downloaded right to your computer.

I’m in love with this recently added camisole:

It is drafted in a size 38.  I am not sure exactly what that translates  to but I’m guessing a US size 8.

This is a very simple design but I love how they have used the lace trims and what looks like Swiss Dot to be so creative and fresh.  It just looks beautiful.

Anyhoosy…take a look over there and enjoy this new resource.  I know I am!

4 thoughts on “Manequim – a free sewing pattern site…for clothing!”

  1. Hi, just want to confirm that it is Brazilian and the page for sizes is in metric:

    To give you an idea of sizing, I’m a Big 4 size 10-12, a Burda 38 and between a Manequim 38 and 40. The size 40 measurements are 3/4in bigger than my body’s.

    For the record, I haven’t made one yet but I did download quite a few. Just make sure the paper size is good. There’s a little 2in square to proof this on the pattern.

    You can do the conversion from metric to Imperial on Google by just typing in something like “100 cm in inches”.



    1. Thank you Lakaribane,
      I am going to take a closer look at these and compare and contrast. I haven’t seen these in any stores here but this site is really beautiful.


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