Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt Progress

It has been three and a half weeks since I started the Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt from Quiltville.com and I have to say I’m still plugging away at it.

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy … it is time consuming.

Of this I am always fully aware, that is why I can appreciate all those beautiful quilts I gaze at during the shows and festivals.  Anyone who has ever pieced together a quilt surely must have this same appreciation.

I’m probably a little slower than the average quilter as I tend to have this problem of trying to be perfect.  I also have this habit of having to pre-c0unt everything in order to make sure I’ve cut everything out.  I know, I know, I know… Bonnie says to just “cut a bunch out”, but I find that I need exacts.  Suppose this comes from living with an Engineer for 18 years?  Or maybe having my degree from an Engineering School?  A B.S. vs a B.A. or B.F.A.?

I decided to resurrect an envelope system in order to help me with the counting.  I need to make 48 Poinsettia Star Blocks and 52 Fox and Geese Blocks.  I counted out 48 long envelopes and 52 smaller envelopes.  The difference in envelope size will tell me at a glance which block it is.

I’m almost finished with the cutting out phase.

I have sewn all of the HST’s for both blocks and am now just trying to scrounge up more neutrals to  complete the Fox and Geese blocks.

Because I get bored sometimes with the monotony of some of this I did experiment with some crazy stringing and produced 4 blocks with the scrap leftovers.

I KNOW, I KNOW!  Stop!  I know you just though to yourself “well duh, Cathy, that is why it takes you so long!  You go off on tangents and don’t stick to getting the project finished!”.


Well, you’re right, so thanks,  but this weekend should be a great opportunity to  make some real progress.

Must keep sewing.

Must keep sewing.

Must keep sewing…

So if we don’t talk in the next few days, because I’m buried under a mound of envelopes and fabric scraps, have a very Happy New Year!