Looking for Plaids

After my last post about my progress on the Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt you all are going to wonder what in the world was I doing going out and buying all these shirts?

Look.  I already told you I get a little bored at some of the monotony sometimes right?  Well, that’s not the reason, truely I just wanted to test this experiment.  I guess since I have Quiltville on the brain I just thought I’d give the ‘ol second hand shirt buying a try and see what I come up with.

I stopped at the Salvation Army on my way home from work and browsed through the button down shirts.  I looked over many a tag for the ones that said 100% cotton and decided on the above photographed red ones.  7 Shirts for a grand total of $10.42 cents.

I already cut one up just to see what I could get out of it and it seriously is equivelent to 3 or 4 fat quarters worth of fabric.  Like I’ve NEVER (yeah right) made a shirt before…of course it is silly!

Anyway.  I thought these were nice.  Nothing planned yet but I did have my eye on a photo of a plaid kaleidescope quilt.  We’ll see.  Maybe during quilting season of 2011.  Let’s see how far I get on my current projects…

2 thoughts on “Looking for Plaids”

  1. The way you have these shirts laid out and with Christmas decorating still on my mind… I can just imagine all kinds of wonderful quilt projects for a tree skirt; a table runner or place mats; apron; etc. etc. etc. What a great idea you had.


  2. I left a comment yesterday but guess it did not go through (?) Anyway, I was thrilled at the display of red shirts and my mind was going all over the place with ideas for quilted things, especially: with Christmas decorating still uppermost in my thoughts I, of course, need a tree skirt? placemats; table runner; apron; This would look good with just using little squares for the whole project, but I can see all the different values popping out and it would work for any number of designs.


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