Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt – 1/2 Way Baby!

I guess it helps to take a personal snow day.  The snow was falling down crazy yesterday morning when I woke up to get ready for work and I just didn’t want to tackle another 4-5 hours in the car as I did on Thursday.

I just passed my 10 year anniversary at work and as part of the employee benefits we get 5 personal days…so I took one.  Whoo Hoo!!!

I sewed a little bit more yesterday and this morning I got up and tried to see if I could get all these ‘Christmas Star’ blocks finished.

Yup.  13 of them.  All finished.  I’m ahead of my schedule.

I’m going to put this up for the weekend now, go see Avatar in 3D and do some laundry now.

Talk to you in a few days!

1 thought on “Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt – 1/2 Way Baby!”

  1. I enjoyed seeing how the quilt is coming along.

    The shirts were such a great idea.

    Keep up the good work..proud of you.


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