Did you think I could stay away? Nahhhhh….

Did you think I was going to stay away from my sewing room and go out into the alternative?

Well,  I did put aside the Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt on Saturday because I was ahead of schedule and wasn’t planning on getting rolling on the Poinsettia Blocks until today, but something entirely unexpected happened.  I just couldn’t pull myself away from the sewing room these last few days!

It was like going through a detox.  I still needed a fix.  And I just needed to burn off some crazy sewing stress.

Maybe you get like this too, I don’t know, but after a bout of putting together perfectly lined up 2-1/2″ squares over and over again it begins to feel like a white knuckle ride.  A little less perfection is in order.  So I putzed around with a few piles of scrap.

Nothing like seeing the Bernina 170 blaze full speed through some scrap to set the spirits free.

And turn this:

Into this:

Okay…that’s one pile.

And then turn this:

Into these lovelies:

I don’t know what I’m going to do with these yet but it just felt good to get some of these leftovers used up.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.