Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt – Here comes the second half

The Poinsettia Star Block is up next.

Here’s the plan.

In the next 12 days I need to make 4 blocks every single day to get this quilt topper to the point of borders.  My goal is to get this topper finished in January so I can get it quilted in February.  Quilting season around here only lasts through March so it is pretty important to get this done.

Can I do it?

It’s going to be tough.

I think if you’ve been reading diligently (you are reading diligently aren’t you?) you realize that I’m a working gal and only have just a half hour or an hour or two every so often to get some good treadle time in.  I’ve been pretty dedicated.  Even through the sick dog episodes.

So here we go.

Day 1.  4 Blocks.  Check!