Quiltville’s Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt — Ready for Borders!

I’ve been trying to keep my mind off what is happening around here with our dog.  So much so that I’ve spent a marathon session getting this topper to the final stage of piecing…the border.

I’ve made the final arrangements for my dear dog today and through tears I’ve just been sewing…and sewing…and sewing.  I’m not even thinking, just doing it.

I layed the topper on top of the bed (no place big enough around here to hang it up for a photo) and just as I spread it out here comes Miss Chloe to put her approval on it.  Cats.  They just have their way about them.  Now I can’t get her off!

Oh well.  It will give me time to look through my fabrics again to try and figure out what I can use for the border.

It’s a happy day and a sad day here.  I’ll post more later.