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Goodbye Dear Friend

No sewing words today.  There are other words that have to be written.

We said goodbye to our dear friend yesterday.

He went peacefully.  He gave it up so quick, with no fight.  A part of him must have been ready.  There was no pain anymore and his head rested in my hands.  His eyes fixed into mine.  I kissed his forehead and he was gone.  Just that quick.

I’m sure it will take me some time to get over the death of my very first dog.  He was trouble, he was sweet, he was a mess, he cost us more money then we ever anticipated but we loved him.

Goodbye dear friend.

September 1997 (estimated entry into the world)
July 1998 (found emaciated on the streets of Chicago, chained for days near St. Michael’s Church)
September 1998 – January 2010, learned how to be a dog again and live.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Dear Friend”

  1. I can’t even come to your blog without the tears welling up and making it impossible to write my condolences! Mike turned into such a nice dog, far removed from the wild little thing you brought home and I will surely miss him the next time I come to visit.
    However, “The Queen” seems to have found her throne and may not mind having all the attention she so rightly deserves.
    Your quilt top is beautiful and will make a lovely coverlet for your bed.


  2. I am so sorry for your loss. It is so hard to loose a lifelong friend..whether they have four feet or two. I am sure his life truly began when he found you and it was a wonderful one.


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