Goals, Neet Finds

Finding Money I didn’t know I had!

About a year and a half ago (around August 2008) during the big gas price craziness.  Remember that time?  Remember paying over $4.25 per gallon?  Well I do.  It was nuts.  Anyway, about that time I switched my credit card to one that was offering .05c off per gallon when used to purchase gas.

After a year the gas price discount offer was over but I didn’t realize it.  Not until the other day when we were out getting gas that I asked Jim to use my card because of the discount when he told me the program wasn’t current, that it was over.  Huh?  Over?  Really?

Yup. Over.

“But you have a whole lotta points you should use” Jim added.

Points?  Points?  “What do you mean by points?” I asked.

So sure enough, I’ve logged onto the card site and I have over $200 worth of ‘points’ value to use on items ranging from gift cards to exercise equipment, travel to CAMERAS!!!!

Wow.  This is great!  I can get that camera I need to replace the one that I dropped last year.  I can’t believe it!  This is very very exciting.  Grant it.  It is a fairly inexpensive camera, only about $90 but it appears to have everything I might need.

So cool.  One of my goals is going to be accomplished (hopefully…crossing fingers and toes) and I didn’t have to do anything!  Whoo Hoo!

Have you found money you didn’t know you had?  Tell me your story!