Quiltville’s Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt – working the border

I began cutting out the border fabrics last night.  I had to get my mind off thinking about MTD.  It’s going to be some time before I stop hearing the sound of his collar jingling.  That was always the noise I’d hear when I woke up or entered a room.  He would get up, stretch and shake…ready to go wherever we were going.

So here we are at the border.

I am completely out of neutrals now and had to go to the quilt shop to pick up more.  I’ve had to shop 5 times  over the course of this quilt believe it or not!  I know, so much for it being totally about scraps you have on hand.  Here in the above photo I’m trying to plan out the mix of reds and greens so I don’t have duplicates in the borders.  Notice there are no neutrals?

I ended up picking up about 7 additional neutral prints.  The last group from last night are in the wash but below is one that I’m going to use for the spacing border.

I think it looks good and will blend in well.

I think this border will go very quickly and I’m hoping to be sandwiching it all together this weekend.

I can’t wait to use my Eazy Quilter II to machine quilt it!  That is something I’ve had for 2 years and haven’t used yet!

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